Cove Appliances - Dishwashers

Lamperti Contracting & Design is proud to carry the best selection of high-end appliances including the reengineered Cove dishwasher.

Cove appliances joined with Sub-Zero and Wolf specialist kitchen after years of research and testing to create the perfect dishwasher that will last over 20 years through rigorous daily use. Anyone in the market for a new dishwasher or planning a complete kitchen overhaul will find that these customizable dishwashers will fit perfectly in your modern kitchen.

Cove Dishwasher - Highlights of this High-End Appliance

Take a look at some of the most impressive features of this dishwasher before you stop in our showroom to test one out for yourself.

1.Spotless Cleans & Dry Dishes

The dishwasher ensures spotlessly clean and dry dishes with every load. It was redesigned from the ground up with completely flexible interiors and operations to create a better way to wash.


2.Durable & Made in the USA

Your dishwasher will work hard for you every single day, so it needs to be durable. Cove dishwashers are made right here in the USA with premium-grade materials. Better yet, they offer a five-year warranty to guarantee your purchase.


3.Customizable Style

Cove dishwashers are built to customize with custom handles, cabinetry, and interior configurations. These will blend effortlessly into the style of your room and your lifestyle.


4.No Pre-Rinsing Necessary

You can clean with confidence knowing that your dishwasher was designed with water nozzles strategically placed so that dishes get cleaner. This means no wasting time with pre-washing or re-washing after a load.


5.Customizable Clean

Cove dishwashers are engineered to customize your clean, adapting to the dishes you clean most. They offer pre-programmed and custom wash and dry modes that can take on anything ranging from fine china to heavy-duty pans. The interior also features adaptable wash and dry cycles to manage stemware, tricky-to-clean dishes, and large pots or pans.


6.Silent Cleaning

You no longer need to deal with the dull whirring (or sometimes loud clanking) of an old, outdated dishwasher. The Cove dishwasher features a near-silent operation so it will never interrupt your life.


7.Fits All Your Dishes

These appliances feature adjustable heights and tines as well as two options to clean cutlery so you can throw any and every dish inside. Cove can handle any utensil, tool, or pan.


8.Decades of Dependability

Cove appliances were made to last and they are backed by the strongest warranty in the industry. The dishwashers are rigorously stress-tested to perform for well over twenty years of regular use.

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