Your Dream Starts Here... The Process

Lamperti Contracting and Design is a full service design/build firm in Marin County.

The phases of design, estimation/contract and construction each have a defined process.

Below are general guidelines:


01. - Get to know our in-house design team

Introduction – A 30 to 60 minute initial meeting in the showroom to listen to your objectives, provide guidance and gather general project elements. Any pictures, ideas, drawings, or plans that you can bring to share is helpful.

Design Phase:

02. - Expectations, scope and drawings

Design Agreement – A retainer for design services at a rate of $150.00 hour.

Field Measure – The designer comes to your home to measure the existing space and to take pictures. Samples may be brought with for an onsite design consultation.

Initial Design Consultation – This is an informal showroom meeting for the designer to gauge your response to finishes, styles, cabinets, design ideas, space plans, etc.

Design Review & Preliminary Budget Review – An informal presentation of the design, finishes, specifications and a preliminary ballpark budget remodel price. Changes to be made at this time if the design or estimate are not to your satisfaction.

Estimation Phase:

03. - On-site meeting with subcontractors, budget and contract review

Trade Walk – The estimator and the sub-contractors are walked through your home to review the areas of remodel. By this point 90% – 100% of the design phase has been complete and a “*permit ready set” of drawings has been printed. (*Permit has not yet been given.)

Budget Review – You are presented the formal design, and a remodel budget to review. Repeat as necessary to come to an agreement and a 100% accurate final design.

Contract Signing – Any last minute changes to the design, estimate and/or budget has been done before now and this is the final meeting to sign the contract.

Construction Phase: (Kitchen, 2 months - 4 months)

04. - Demolition, framing and finish work

Pre-Construction Meeting – You, the designer and the Project Manager will meet onsite to review the construction time-line/ schedule, the pragmatics of the construction site i.e. site protection, etc., and any important design aspects. This is also an opportunity for the designer to verify any final dimensions, construction details or long-lead items that may require re-selection. Paint colors, grout colors, dye-lot approvals, slab stone selections are to be done at or around this time of the pre-construction meeting if not done sooner.

Start of Construction – The areas to be worked in and its related areas are to be masked, plastic protected, and dust barriers put up to protect your belongings. The we remove everything that is no longer needed. If applicable this is when concrete would be poured and any structures would be framed in. Next would be the rough plumbing, rough electrical, HVAC and mechanical work. The insulation and drywall is installed, followed by painting, interior doors, millwork, cabinets, floor coverings, countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures.


05. - Final Inspections and client approval

Initial/Final Punch List – Our lead carpenter assembles a list of remaining items, which we review with you to make sure it’s comprehensive. Remaining items get completed to your satisfaction before scheduling a final inspection.

Permit Inspections – Key calendar dates/phases of work completion is controlled by receiving a pass by the city inspector.

Completion of construction! – You are given a copy of the final inspection.